Answers to your questions

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing, you can free internal staff to focus on your core business activities, rather than back-office and manual processes. Outsourcing allows for rapid growth and swift changes in business priorities due to the flexibility of staff. It saves costs on infrastructure, office space and supplies, HR functions, new technology and so on. It is not just cost savings that act as a driver to outsource however, many of our customers opt for outsourcing as a way to increase service offerings.

What can you offer us?

We offer easy access to modern facilities and highly productive, loyal personnel. We deal with the recruitment and office costs, as well as subsequent coverage of employee benefits.

What’s the minimum number of staff I can employ through you?

We don’t have a minimum number of staff you can employ through us – whether you need one or 100 additional members of your team, we can help. We recognise the different business goals of organisations and we don’t want to limit your plans for expansion. Depending on your requirements, our offerings can also be used as a service. We see ourselves as a partner for growth, no matter the size of your organisation.

How long is an outsourcing contract for?

Our services are flexible and our contracts are based on your needs. You may only need a one-off project, some additional resource for a few hours a week or you may be looking for a multi-year contract. Whatever you need, we can help.

Can public organisations take advantage of outsourcing?

The public sector is constantly under pressure because of low budgets and limited opportunities to expand the workforce. Through outsourcing, public institutions can achieve an efficient and streamlined workflow at a lower cost.

Can I outsource more than one function?

Through outsourcing, we offer a scalable, multi-service expansion of your business. A bundled approach to business process outsourcing ensures a smoother and more reliable business transformation. Please use the menu above to see the range of services we can offer.

For what size organisations is outsourcing most suitable?

Any size business can outsource. Outsourcing is a low-risk, low-cost opportunity, preferred by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as entrepreneurs recognise the immediate benefits of outsourcing and can then focus on developing the core elements of their business.

What are the Advantages and benefit of outsourcing services?

To make it plain and simple, the following are the reasons why choose to outsource:

1.Outsourcing allows a company to SAVE a lot! Outsourcing is a very cost-effective service.

2.Takes away majority of your obligations as an employer – Because you hire a BPO company and outsource your operations, it is the BPO company’s responsibility to pay their employees and handle their employer’s obligations including tax, insurance, payroll and many more. As the client, you only pay a certain amount to the BPO company regularly according to your contract.

3.Commit more time to your business – because you no longer have to do majority of all operations, you can now work on other aspects of your business. This gives you more time to concentrate on other important activities.

4.Obtain specialized services and resources – BPO companies constantly strive to look for more ways to better serve their clients. This includes upgrading their technological resources and conducting extensive trainings to their personnel which enables them to continue providing world-class quality services.

5.Fast customer service and reliable tech support – Because the only job of the employees in a BPO company is to purely handle the clients’ concerns, they are able to focus on specific tasks which makes them their work more fast, efficient and effective.

6.Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – Achieving fast, effective and efficient customer services and tech support makes the client’s customers happy and satisfied. As a result, the client company continues to hire a BPO company and even endorses it to other companies so that they too can outsource their business processes. This also builds credibility to the company.

7.Time Zone Advantage – For a US company to outsource its processes in Asia, especially in the Philippines, it means that the US night time is Philippines’ day time and US day time is Philippines’ nigh time. For a US company to outsource in the Philippines, they can continue working with their operations even after their employees go home from the office. This enables them to work with the projects and other activities faster; therefore, giving them competitive advantage. It is basically working 24 hours around the clock but with other people finishing the job. In other words, it is leveraging through time.

8.Help other countries’ economy – by outsourcing your business processes, you are helping other countries’ economy to develop simply because BPO companies on those countries are providing jobs to the people. This is one of the best ways to help underdeveloped countries to grow and progress.